Neil Jou, Owner of Neil Jou Productions, Inc.

Photo Courtesy of Neil Jou

Neil Jou, Owner of Neil Jou Productions, Inc.

RHBG: What was your motivation to start Neil Jou Productions?
JOU: My motivation for starting the business came from branding my own company.  As a designer and photographer, I knew that I could help others create a good looking image for their business.

RHBG: How do you keep the “coolness” in the Neil Jou brand?
JOU: Keeping the coolness in my company is all about keeping a cool attitude as an individual.   As the owner of a company, that attitude spreads down to your team and customers. The attitude of the owner always reflects the attitude of the company.

RHBG: Describe your leadership style.
JOU: My leadership style is all about walking more than talking.  A leader sets the example by serving as a role model.  Actions speak louder than words.  When reacting to a tough situation, as an owner, your teammates are watching you. The way you react, whether good or bad, will trickle down from the top of the company to the people you work with. Your leadership spirit touches the spirit of your teammates.  This oneness makes the business flow in one direction.

RHBG: If you could start your entrepreneurial journey all over again, what would you do differently?
JOU: The only thing I would do all over again is to pay attention to every single portion of the business. It does not matter how small.  Every piece of your business is like a piece of a puzzle. When all of the pieces are put together, the perfect image is created for your business.

RHBG: What has been your most exciting project?
JOU: My most exciting projects were the ones I felt a good vibe and energy from the individual that brought the project to my attention. Their excitement makes me excited about the project. Most of us think that if we give a project to a producer that they will just take care of it. But, from my years of experience, I notice that those who came to me about their project with excitement, made me excited.  I enjoy working with people who believe in their idea.

RHBG: What goals do you have yet to accomplish?
JOU: The only goal that I have not accomplished is offering business consultation to my clients. I noticed that some of my clients just wanted to talk about their business. They were so impressed with my knowledge of business that they wanted to compensate me for motivating and inspiring them. They appreciated me sharing the truth about running a successful business.

RHBG: If you could listen to one song for the rest of your life, what song would it be and why?
JOU: I couldn’t answer this question with just one song because I literally listen to lots of songs. All of them put me in a good mood. Sometimes it’s not the song, but it is the way you interpret the song that makes it good.

RHBG: Are you living the dream?
JOU: Yes, every day I am living the dream. As long as I am living, I am excited.  Just the idea that you have life should get you excited. It is the way you look at life that makes you feel good or bad.  If I am inspiring others and I see my life and the life of others being lifted up, there is nothing better than that.  I’ll be honest; there are times when I do think that I am dreaming. LOL!